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"WE LIKE FOOD!" Tom Ehrman and Nancy Watson, owners of the Manor Inn, delare this as their mantra. They are always looking to prepare the local seafood, poultry, meats and bountiful summer produce in a comforting and flavorful way. These ingredients are transformed into dishes with recipes from around the world—from Tennessee (Nancy Watson's home state) and Maryland (Tom’s home state) to India—and a lot of places between. They feel it is important to support the local fishing and farming industries. The surrounding waters supply lobsters, crab, and oysters. Much of the produce and chicken are grown at Old Ackley Farm in Blue Hill. The "Farm to Table" restaurant movement takes us back to a time that a few people remember-a time when we knew where our food came from.

Casual Pub Fare

Sometimes, just a good hamburger suits the food craving. We make a good one—best in Castine! Other pub favorites offered are: fish ‘n chips, gardenburgers, hot wings, Caesar salad, homemade soups and seasonal salads!

Dinner Fare

From day one, a favorite, crabcakes (Maryland style) have been on the menu using our local crab. Nancy's additions to the menu are the Indian curries, from her time in India; Cuban/Caribbean dishes from her living in Miami; fried chicken from her southern roots and many dishes from winter travel to other cultures. Desserts are made here, usually by Nancy and her specialty seems to be pies, particularly Lemon Meringue! Pies are very comforting! However, the Carrot Cake or Italian Cream Cake, the Profiteroles, Chocolate Mousse, and Meringues are loved as well.

Dining Atmosphere

If you choose to sit in the pub, which is like “Cheers,” especially on a Thursday night, you’ll see many of the locals having a good time. When the weather is cool or downright cold, a fire will be in the fireplace making the atmosphere even more welcoming! In the library also with a fireplace, just adjacent to the pub, offers a little more privacy. In the summer, the dining room’s appeal is the VIEW. Even in the summer, one can see the Castine and Penobscot Bays. The 2007 storm took away trees, but gave us a fabulous view. There is plenty of room for larger parties.